Ladies! Tomorrow at 11:00 AM Eastern, Rue La La is having a sale on Lilly Pulitzer! And not just for women and minnies, but also for men!! Be sure to mark your calendars, iPhones, and blackberries for this sale! You have to be a member first, and if you aren’t already, here’s your invite: Click here!

And if that’s not enough, Lilly Pulitzer has a limited edition iPhone cover that you can get free with a $150 purchase online!  Hurry because this deal ends at midnight tomorrow!
Too bad I’m giving up my iPhone for a Driod this week. 😦 I have to get onto my future hubby’s plan… it’s so much more economical for us to do so.

What are your current Lilly Favs?
I love Love LOVE the Stephanie Shift in the Koi Print!!

Blaney in Turquoise Let’s Get Ginky

You can never have too many white shirts…

Eliot Shirt

How cute is this sweater coat???

Shere Sweater Coat

I’ve always been a fan of argyle, so no wonder I’m drawn to this caridgan:

Alcott Argyle Cardigan

I’m constantly changing my desktop background, so I’ve just downloaded the newest Lilly backgrounds from the Lilly website:

I do love the Ginky and Koi prints… they’re perfect for fall and they kind of remind me of Asian style printing. 🙂
Hope you all have a fabulous day and get some great deals tomorrow!!! I can’t wait to hear what everyone has gotten!