Good Monday my friends!!!
It’s a bit dreary today here in Southern Va, but a good day to get a lot of things done! Especially with 6 guests coming in this Friday for my semi-surprise bridal shower.  I say semi-surprise because I do know it’s happening, but don’t know anything else about it. There’s a theme, but everyone is tightlipped on it. We shall see! 🙂

Well the last 2 weeks of July is the Family OBX trip.  What a great time!! Week one was really hot with 100+ degree weather and 60 degree water.  That means it’s so hot you want to cool off in the water, but when you get in the water, your body gets numb from the cold.  Booooooo.  Towards the end of the week and into the beginning of the second week the winds changed and the air temperature got a bit cooler, high 80s/low 90’s and the water got a bit warmer to 70s.  But with the warm water comes jellies.  Day 1 of the jellies scared everyone, but they didn’t sting. We were holding them and throwing them back into the ocean.  Day 2 of the jellies looked the same, but the water was itchy, and a couple kids had stings.  Day 3 there were hardly any jellies, but the water was still itchy and I saw the little white jellies with tentacles.  I only dipped in the water every so often, I don’t like jellyfish stings.

Here are the 2 non stinging jellyfish on day 1

The pelicans were amazing! Just flying right above the surf in a line formation!

The first week of the trip included Aunts and Uncles: Aunt Dana and Uncle John and their 2 kids: Mikey and Meggie, Uncle Tim (newly engaged and newly retired) and his fiance, Lisa and her daughter, Diana.

Uncle John, Hokie, and Uncle Tim… Do you see a family resemblance???

Mikey and his girlfriend, Stephanie “Sesame”- as the babies would call her

When it was sooo hot, we went and lounged by the pool- no jellies and not freezing!  Doesn’t Diana look so relaxed?

On one night, we got a bushel of crabs and steamed them up for a fun lil family crab fest!!! It was delish!  We picked and picked and picked till the sun set! Now that’s how you eat crabs!!! 🙂

With sunburnt lips and some Old Bay seasoning… Momma B and Lisa had stinging lips!

Fireworks in the evening… Folks, Fireworks are actually illegal, but a lot of people choose to send them off anyways… It gives us a great show! 🙂
Me at the beach with my floppy hat… Definitely needed it to shield my face from the hot hot hot sun!
And Tommy showing off his hat… He’s such a goofball! I love him! 🙂
Periwinkles from the sand!! Aren’t they cute! So tiny!

I didn’t get a chance to surf this time because Tommy couldn’t stay long and the water was too cold for me when he was down at the beach house with us. He did though, but not long.  
The second week of the OBX trip, our cousin Kristen and her son, Ethan came down to visit. Ethan is Tommy’s godson, also the one I’ve made all his birthday cakes for.  Kristen’s brother, Timmy also came down. At another beach house, Uncle Bill and Aunt Janet with daughter Erin and friend Melissa, Uncle Mike and Aunt Dory with their 2 girls- Emily and Allison stayed.  We met up at the beach and beached together and after dinners for drinks and laughs.

Ethan looking out the window at the airplanes and kites

Marley and Hurley on the cover of the hot tub with Danny

Which way to the beach Ethan???

Ethan in the cool Formula One sand-car.

Erin helping Ethan play in sand and water.

Ethan and his Uncle Timmy. (Collars Up!!!)

It was a great time… always is every year!  
Hope you all have a wonderful week!!! 🙂 

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