Happy Friday!!!!
The weekend can now begin!
As most of you know, I’m a beach girl through and through.  One of my favorite things that remind me of the beach are starfish.  I have yet to find one on the Virginia or North Carolina Coast in the “wild”, but I did see them at the bottom of the ocean in the BVI.
They’re not naturally pink as far as I know, but this picture was just awesome!
I wouldn’t mind taking a trip here…
Or even here!
These guys look like they’re from the Carribean! I have one of them in my living room!
This is how I pretty much pack to go to the beach… sunglasses, camera, cute bag: check, check, check! 
Oh white finger starfish… how I love you!
Starfish as hair accessories? Love it! Now I wonder how she got them to say in her hair?
The anklet is my newest jewelry addition from the Outer Banks!! 🙂 Starfish charm dangling off of a twisted box anklet. A perfect addition to my starfish toe rings! (yes those are my toes in the sand)
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Starfish… How I love the sea you come from… In the ocean oh so blue… Oh maybe that’s not how it goes, and maybe I just made it up, but it works for me! 🙂
Have a great Friday my friends!