It’s in!!! We ordered my wedding band and it came back yesterday.  My engagement ring was custom designed by Tommy, so we had to send the ring back to the jewelers so that they could design the wedding band to fit perfectly.  We actually sent the ring before our trip to BVI, thinking that I’d only be a week or two without my ring.  However, in order for them to even begin work on the ring, they needed payment info which we didn’t find out until we got back from BVI.
So here’s the ring!!!!
If you haven’t seen my engagement ring, here it is too:

See how the band fits perfectly??? I absolutely LOVE the rings and am so happy!  They were really great to work with, so if any of you need a great jeweler, email me and I’ll send you our guy’s contact info!  The jeweler is Union Diamond and are actually based in Atlanta and will work with anyone… Tommy did his ring design via email and phone.  Tommy’s older brother also got his wife’s rings from this jeweler too!  Both of us are very, very happy with our rings.

Hope you are all having a great week!!! I’m down in one of my happy places for a week and a half- OBX. I’m just relaxing and enjoying the company of family and friends at the family beach house (which does get rented out, if anyone is interested).