Continuing to update on our trip to the BVI…
Let’s start with our boat.
It was a 4 Cabin Power Catamaran that we rented through the Moorings.

Side view of the boat

View from the back (Tommy and I kayaked right under the boat through the opening!!! )

Another view of the boat

To get from shore to shore, we had to moor the boat and then take a dinghy onto land. Danny was the Dinghy Captain.  This is a picture of the crew meeting the dive boat to go diving. I wasn’t certified to go diving yet 😦

This is the front of the boat where we laid out or sat and read books.

Main Controls on the flybridge.

The saloon area where we ate or just hung out.

Indoor control area

The kitchen complete with gas stove, sink, microwave, and coffee maker.

Our room… there were 3 more like it.

Our shower. 

Looking down into our room

Just to give you an idea of the layout:

It was nice.  We even had AC so on the hot nights we could sleep comfortably. 🙂 The boat was very comfortable and can actually sleep 12 (the saloon table turns into a double bed). We only had 8 of us, so it was really perfect.  With the different deck areas of the boat, it was easy to get away for some quiet time if we so needed.
I did get a little seasick, but thankfully, we had Dramamine and my future brother in law had the patches which lasts for 3 days.
I would do this again in a heartbeat!  Even if it weren’t on a fancy boat.
We’re already starting our next savings pot to go again in a couple years!