Not that I’m Shopping for shoes or anything, but I saw these shoes from my email and well… I got sucked into shoe shopping….

Elizabeth Brady on sale at RowNine.  If you’re not a member at RowNine, get your free invite here.
Marc by Marc Jacobs 
Turtle Xing Sandals – Lilly Pulitzer (I just loooooooove the turtles!)
Shell Yeah – Lilly Pulitzer 

I couldn’t have the Turtle Xing sandals without the Shell Yeah sandals!!  Soooo beachy!

These are just so colorful and classy.
Couldn’t do a post on shoes without some pink shoes!!! 🙂  These actually look really comfy and summery.

I’ve always thought Crocs were soooo ugly until I was in a bind and needed some cheap shoes for the beach.  My flip flop straps were sitting right on a spider bite I’d gotten in the middle of the night and my flip flops were killing my feet. So on a shopping trip to a local shoe shop just before the season closed in OBX, I bought a pair of Crocs. I LOVED them.  They have been my go to shoes for comfort, for walking ’round the beach, the yard, or the boat.  I’ve heard they’re actually good for you! So, now I’m wondering do I look into other kinds of Crocs?  Does anyone own the trendier looking Crocs? like the flip flop or heeled versions?