Home improvement project 1- Remove old 6 inch sink and install new 8 inch sink with a garbage disposal.
We’ve finally started and completed our first home improvement project.
We moved into our home and have been using our 6 inch deep shallow sink.  It has been extremely frustrating to wash dishes in… you can barely fit pots and pans in it, cutting boards just splash water everywhere when you try to wash them, and to fill our pots we had to use the sprayer hose. So needless to say, we needed a new and deeper sink ASAP.
We didn’t want to spend too much money on anything fancy because we have a lot more projects to complete. As everyone says, “Welcome to home ownership!”. We went to Lowes and bought a brand new 8 inch deep stainless steel sink and a new garbage disposal spending about $100 on the sink and $79 on this disposal.  We had a gift certificate as a housewarming gift and a couple coupons to use, so we saved some bucks! 🙂 
Neither Tommy or I have ever did any kind of plumbing, so we had no idea what else we needed to purchase or what steps were reburied to install the sink and disposal. Luckily my dad is really handy and he came over to help Tommy and I install the new sink. The original plan was for him to come over to help us, instead he did it.  We helped holding here and there or handing over this and that, but dad pretty much did it all. He’s awesome! We did learn a few things here and there. Thanks dad! I love you!

Dad working under the sink

Sink has been removed

Tommy helping my dad with the garbage disposal drain

Our new sink!!! 🙂

After the sink was installed, I made dinner for the 2 men in my life. 🙂  I made barbeque pork and wonton noodle soup.  My dad really liked it. It’s so easy to make. 

Hope you all had a great weekend and did something fun!