So I’ve been a little absent lately… After getting back from BVI, it took me FOREVER to finally upload pictures all 1537 pictures Tommy and I took.  It was amazing!!!  I couldn’t get enough of the British Virgin Isles!  It was GORGEOUS! Everything from the ocean, the skies, the clouds, the beach, the sand, the locals, the food, the homes, the resorts, the boats… I could go on!
For this week’s Pink and Green Thursday, I’m posting some of the pictures of the beautiful flowers I saw. I loved all the flowers from the Caribbean, they are just so bright and colorful!

We had a book on the boat which identified the flowers of the Caribbean, but forgot to write down what all the flowers’ names were. The first one I believe is plumeria, the bright hot pink flower is the Bougainvillea also known as paper flower- one of my mom’s favorite flowers.
I will slowly but surely share a bunch of the pictures I took. Hope you enjoy!!!
Don’t forget to play along with my girl- Trish’s Pink and Green Thursday! It’s a ton of fun!!! 
Tomorrow, I’m off to Transfer Orientation at ODU and then to see Jack Johnson at the Virginia Beach Amphitheater!!! 🙂