Well, we’re NOT leaving today as we had planned…
Our flight kept getting delayed this morning and it was so delayed that we would have missed our connection.  There weren’t any other flights going down to Tortola or St. Thomas or St. Marten, so we are trying this again tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM… landing at 5:00 PM.  Just about a 12 hour travel day! So it’s going to be an early night for Tommy, his older brother and his wife- Mandy, and I.
Mom, dad, and 2 younger brothers made it down this afternoon and already on the boat. I’m a bit jealous!
But this time tomorrow we’ll be on a boat (hopefully)!!! πŸ™‚
Wish us good luck for tomorrow!!!

PS- even though we won’t have any phone or internet services (i think), I’m leaving my laptop at home.  I’ve got some posts ready for you all to enjoy while I’m away.  I can’t wait to get back and catch up with everyone!
Have a great week!!!