This week I’ve decided to play along with my girl Trish over at Pink Preppy Lilly Lover with her Pink and Green Thursday.  Just the other day, while watching the Today show, they were talking about summer party themes and lo and behold: there was a cute pink and green themed party. How Cute!
Check out the video clip of the report embedded below:

They mention Caspari and I went ahead and checked it out. I just love the toile prints. The toile wrapping paper is double sided. I will definitely have to get some!  I just LOVE toile!

They also mention Party City.. while browsing the site, I saw this really cute paper plate that says: “Eat, Drink, and be Girly!”  Just adorable!

Party City

Party City

And just like she says: What’s a preppy party without Lilly Pulitzer drink umbrellas?!?!

What about a Lilly Pulitzer shaker to shake up some fun spirits???

Here are some other pretty neat ideas:

Martha Stewart

It’s the almost weekend! Tomorrow, I’m going to have my first visitors: Tommy’s Cousin Kristen and her son, Ethan (Tommy’s Godson).  They are coming in for Tommy’s youngest brother’s high school graduation on Saturday.  I’ll be busy baking the graduation cake Thursday and putting it together on Friday. Tommy finally comes home for good Friday night! (I’m super excited!!! I’ve missed him) Saturday is the graduation and the party. Sunday is the final day for packing and then we’re off sailing the BVI’s for a week.