After a weekend away in Radford, VA and Blacksburg, VA for my future brother in law’s Baseball State championship game, I came home to quite a few home invaders!
Of course my first reaction was to scream!!! I was surprised my neighbors didn’t come. 
(Tommy is still in NoVa working out of that office until the end of this week.)
Then I told my dog to “Go Get ‘Em”!  He just looked at me, grabbed a toy and wanted to play.
I threw my shoe at one of them, and they got away.
The other one in my bedroom suffered a painful death…
I screamed and slammed the door on him while he was between the door.
That night I was so shaken up I slept with the lights on all night long.
The next morning, I got up and decided I need to protect my new home.
I fogged it, put a barrier around the outside of my house, and spent the night at my future in laws.
The next morning, there were a bunch of dead ones through out the house.

Take THAT roaches and other buggies!!!

There were a ton in the garage in all different sizes.  We probably should have fogged the day we moved in.  I would totally recommend that to anyone moving into a resale home.  Who knows what’s lurking around the walls?  The house was empty when we moved in, and it sure seemed very clean, but then again they do like to hide and come out at night.  All I can say is YUCK! I hate roaches, I hate bugs!  They give me the hebejeebees!  Thank goodness for Raid Foggers and Raid Bug Barrier!  I can now feel like I’ve reclaimed my home and can sleep in peace!