Tommy’s godson celebrated his second birthday in May.  He’s getting to be a big boy and just too cute!  Everytime he sees me, he always has a big ole smile!  He calls me his girlfriend… make Tommy a lil jealous. hahaha.  So this year, I was in charge of the birthday cake, I did his first birthday cake last year, and it was a hit! I love baking and cake decorating, so of course I enjoyed it!  I’ve never been taught how to decorate cakes… just taught myself.  I do want to take an official cake decorating class.  I know that the local Michael’s stores have the Wilton classes.  I need to just sign up for them.  Has anyone ever taken those classes?

Here’s last year’s cake:

 And the birthday boy covered in cake:

This year’s party was baseball themed, so I made a baseball field cake:

It was a fun cake… the cake was funfetti with buttercream frosting and strawberry filling, and the “dirt” was made with brown sugar.  Last year Ethan didn’t really know what to do with the cake.  This year, he couldn’t wait! He kept saying “cake”.  When the cake was put on the table in front of him, he just wanted to get to it. It was his “happy day”.  And it truly was a happy day. 
– Vy