Another fun little update…
The night before our move, a few friends (Susan, Brendon, JoJo, and Brian) got together with Tommy and I for a good ole game of baseball at National’s Park.  It was the battle of the beltway: Baltimore Orioles versus Washington Nationals. It was really great to get away from the packing and prepping for the move and do something fun. We sat in the outfield seating and it was really awesome. Even though it seemed we were far away, we could really see everything.  The section we were sitting in also had food and beverage service, which was nice. Normally, in other sections I’ve sat in, excluding club/box seats, you have to wait for the beer and peanuts guys to come walking down the aisles.  With our section, we were able to order all kinds of drinks and food.  I really like National’s Park, but just wished the Nationals were better. We lost that night, but I didn’t care too much because the company of good friends is a win in my book.

Note: The drinks and Ben’s Chili Bowl Half Smokes made for a tough early morning move. But as you read in an earlier post, it didn’t phase our moving skills. šŸ™‚

The entrance to Nationals Park
View of the park from our seats
This was pretty funny the Oriole and Screech suited up in Sumo suits and had a sumo match
Us at the game in our red.
One of the fun things about going to the game on a Friday night is that they have Friday Night Fireworks!!! What a treat!  Fireworks and it wasn’t even 4th of July. Oh how I love fireworks… it makes me feel like a kid all over again!
Enjoy the shortened version of the fireworks finale: