My how time flies when you’re having fun!
It’s been such an eventful week! Things are going to slow down for a day or two for me so I can do some catching up.

So Wedding Planning Wednesday this week takes us back a couple weeks ago…
Right before I left Northern VA, 3 of my bridesmaids and I went to Bobbie’s Bridal, where I bought my gown to order the bridesmaid dresses.  The original dresses we picked out were:

Alfred Angelo Bridesmaid dress

We ended up changing the bridesmaid dresses because the girls found another dress they liked more.  They felt that the Alfred Angelo dress was more spring/summer than fall.  The dress was fun and cute, but the dress we went with felt more elegant and they all agreed that they could wear the dress again.  How funny when picking out a bridesmaid dress, everyone always hopes that they could wear it again.  I’ve kind of threw that idea out of the window because how many bridesmaids actually wear their dresses again??? I really hope that the girls would wear this dress again, because I think that it is very nice… simple yet classy.
Here it is:

Bari Jay Bridesmaid Dress

The girls all got measured and ordered their dresses. My sister Jocelyn, who lives in Chicago even loved the dress too. She liked much more than the first dress (she’s not much for dresses or girly things).  The girls are still working on the shoe selection.  They are probably going to go with a chocolate shoe, but I’ve left it all up to them- just as long as they can all agree on the shoes.  Makes my life much easier. 🙂
Speaking of shoes- I’ve also gotten my shoes!!!
They’re not exactly pink like I wanted, but they are fabulous shoes!  I originally bought them as a back-up shoe… in case I couldn’t find the perfect pink shoes.  By unanimous vote, the girls and a whole bunch of people think these shoes are it! Aren’t they just adorable? They match my dress perfect!

I did my first dress fitting (and almost teared up), and then the girls and I went off to celebrate with drinks and dinner.  We went to the Cheesecake Factory and did a bunch of small plates and appetizers for dinner.  It was really delish.  I introduced the girls to whole artichokes.  I love them… the girls were not exactly keen on it.  We had so much food we were all stuffed. We had such a blast and didn’t want the night to end.  We laughed so hard at jokes and stories, and just had good girl time.  I’m so glad the girls get along so well.

Our bartender making our cocktails
YUM! I think the one on the left was Susan’s Asian Pear, and the one on the right was my Tropical something or another

The Bridesmaids and I (Minus my sister in Chicago) L-R: Vinita, Krystal, Susan, Me

Our apps and small plates

Dessert- the famous red velvet cheesecake and the super strong Strawberry Cocktails

Now that I’m down here in Hampton, and all my girls are up in Northern VA, I’m really missing them, but I’m excited for all the fun Wedding activities we’ll have planned… Showers, bachelorette party, more fittings, and of course the actual wedding day!!! 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!