Hello there my lovely blog friends!!!

It has been quite a while since I’ve been on blogger.  A lot has happened since I last posted.
Rather than post a really LOOONG blog post, I’ll break it up into a couple days.
First thing: Moving.

We moved all of our stuff from my little 1 bedroom condo in Northern Va and Tommy’s storage unit in 2 separate weekends.  The first weekend we stuffed Tommy’s truck with boxes and a U Haul trailer, drove down and unloaded, then drove back up to NOVA so I could pack more. The next weekend we ran into a little snafu with the reservation of the elevator for the move out.  (Can you believe they ask for $750 for a move out!?!?- $250.00 they keep $500.00 comes back to us if there are no damages to the elevator) Normally, you get a 4 hour time frame to move using the elevator. We requested 8AM-noon early in the week, which property management said was available.  We dropped of the checks that same night, but when I called later on to confirm, they said it was no longer available and only 4PM-8PM was available on our move out date. Ugh- how frustrating! Lucky for me, I was able to whine my way into getting some leeway with the management company. The 8AM move wasn’t going to need the elevator until 9:45AM (I assume it was for a delivery); so I was able to get us 1:45 hours to move everything out of the condo first thing in the AM.  Thank goodness we were so organized! We staged the entire place, lining up boxes and the furniture in the order of how we’d load the 17′ UHaul.  We were able to get everything out of the condo in 2 hours!!! Thanks to the help of our wonderful friends Brendon and Susan. Thanks guys, we love you!!!

We drove down the UHaul and a pick-up truck full of boxes and stuff to our new home in Hampton, VA… where my future in laws met us to help us unload the truck.  All day Saturday, the brothers all stayed to help unload and unpack.  They were such a great help!  My in-laws’ neighbor, Vicky even stopped by with a cooler full of food and drink for us, knowing we didn’t have a fridge.  How thoughtful!!! Sunday, our new fridge and microwave were delivered and installed. That was exciting… we could finally have cold food and drink instead of having everything in coolers.

We drove back up to NoVA Sunday night so I could clean the condo and have the final inspection on Tuesday.  Since all of our furniture was in Hampton, we were sleeping on an air mattress for a few nights… definitely not comfortable, but was all that we had.  It was a lot like camping. It seemed like I was up and down I-95 and I-64 every few days… it’s not yet over.  Tommy has to stay and work out of his office in NoVa until the 18th.  I’m actually driving up tomorrow for his going away party being hosted by his office.
I went a few weeks without internet and television and it was really tough, but I was able to a lot of things like pack, move, and organize.  I really missed knowing what was going on in the world with news, and what was going on with all my friends on blog, Facebook, and in real life. It’s great to be back online! I can’t wait to catch up with all of you very soon!