What a weekend! As most of you know, this past Saturday was the Virginia Gold Cup races.  It was Tommy’s first time to the races and he had a BLAST.  Our friends, Jamie and Tara came with us.  We had a fabulous spread complete with the 3 M’s: Mimosas, Mojitos, and Mint Juleps! Jamie made some awesome subs, so good, I thought he had ordered them.  We had buffalo chicken subs, Italian subs with pesto, homemade slaw, lots of fruit, veggies, and chips.  I actually had picked out a couple different outfits to wear, but ended up going with my Lilly Pulitzer “Derby Days” dress.  It’s a good thing I did, because it was in the 90’s and HOT!  Poor Tara in her black dress was burning up too. Our hats provided some shade, but it wasn’t enough in the beginning. Later on the breeze started to come in and it felt so refreshing! I always love getting a fabulous hat when I go to Gold Cup… it’s like my souvenir.  It’s been a tradition of mine… I now have a little collection of hats that I’d gotten from Gold cup.  I had put on a bit of sunscreen earlier in the day, and still got sunburnt.  We all did. Good thing my sunburn only lasts a couple days and then just turns to a tan. People watching was so much fun too. It’s really funny to see the men who have discovered that they can wear pink and be proud, the men who are in seersucker, and watching the ladies was like watching a fashion show- all the Lilly and Vineyard Vines… not to mention all the fabulous hats!!! All in all, it really was a gorgeous day and a great time.  I can’t wait till next year! 🙂  We will do the Kentucky Derby one of these days…
Here are some of the pictures from the day.

Vy, Tara, Jamie, Tommy
Looking down from the North Rail… look at all the people!
Yum… Mimosas
Me and my honey
Strawberries made the mimosas even better
Mint Julep
The tulips got some complements
Our set-up
Aaaaand they’re off!!
And Batman showed up!!! (I can’t believe this guy was in this costume all day! It was scorching hot!)