This weekend was a busy yet fun weekend…

Thursday, Tommy and I met up with a family friend of his that was working up in Northern VA for the week.  We dined at a restaurant I wished we’d found earlier… RT’s Restaurant in Alexandria. It’s not a fancy restaurant, but it does serve seafood and steaks.  Their menu includes specialties in Cajun and Creole style.  This would have been perfect for my 30th birthday dinner when I was looking for something Cajun.  Anyhow, we started with the she-crab soup (my favorite), YUM!. I knew I wanted crawfish, so I ordered the crawfish etouffee as my entree… and it was amazingly delish!  It was quite a bit of food and I was stuffed!  Tommy went with “Death by Gumbo”. He wasn’t able to finish it.

Tommy’s Death By Gumbo
My Crawfish Etouffee

Friday, we attended a surprise 30th birthday party for one of my old high school friends.  His wife Kristy did such a great job planning. Ken (Birthday boy) is has a gig guiding the Ghost Tours in Old Town Alexandria amongst other tours.  So on the night of his party, he was supposed to work a tour, but Kristy had worked it out with his boss that the tour would be “cancelled”.  Ken had to go from his home all the way to Alexandria (about 30 mins away) to find out the tour has been cancelled.  Amidst all of this, all the guests were arriving at his home, without his knowledge. Oh did I forget to mention that Ken has to get all dressed up in his colonial costume???

Saturday, we started the morning doing some packing for our move back home. You never realize how much crap you really have until you have to put them all in boxes! Then we made our trip to West Virginia to spend the day with my cousin (and MOH)- Krystal and her husband and baby blake. It’s always fun visiting family! We bought Krystal an awesome Thai cookbook (Vatch’s Thai Street Food) and she wanted to make some things from the cookbook.  She made tom yum goong and pad see ew.  It was all delish! We love Thai food! 

The Awesome Cook- Krystal

Tommy, Krys, Blake

I had to add this picture because it was just too funny!!

We finished off the spicy with some awesome sweet: Chocolate Kahlua cake!  We made these into mini bundt cakes.  Baby blake loved them, he reached up the counter tops from his tip toes and was able to turn one of the cakes that was on the counter cooling into a mess of chocolate crumbles with his little fingers! (He’s a chocoholic like his momma). Don’t they look delish?

Sunday was a much simpler day- Church, more packing, grocery shopping and some studying. A simple day preparing for the week ahead…
This week has been rather crazy, but that, my friends, I’ll save for another post.
Please keep Blake’s cousin, Preston in your prayers as he was in a critical car accident on April 26th… he needs everyone’s prayers. Also for my good girlfriend, Stacy’s brother… they’ve just found a tumor right behind his eye… and it’s not good.
Hope everyone has a good rest of the week… it’s almost the weekend once again… I’m going to need a vacation from my weekends!