Rain Rain Go Away… or maybe just stay so I can wear this!! 🙂  It’s a dreary Monday morning here in DC. 😦
But I’m a firm believer in wearing bright colors and wellies on a gray and rainy day.  Now, I don’t own the outfit above, but would LOVE to!  The wellies are just so adorable with the bow on the side. The umbrella is fun and colorful.Mine just pink, and I LOVE it… now if only I had the pink Kate Spade wellies to match…
Oh well, instead these are my wellies that I am wearing to work today:

I was never a big fan of wellies/rain boots until I had to go to a wine festival a couple years ago.  It had been raining all week, and it was out  in the fairgrounds. All I could think was YUCK- MUD.  The mud was not going to stop me from my beloved wine. So first thing that morning, I went to DSW and TJMaxx to find rain boots.  They weren’t very trendy then… at least where I looked, and I didn’t want puke green or bright yellow and look like a construction worker.  And just when I was about to give up, in the clearance aisle of TJMaxx, I found my rain boots! Thank goodness, because when we got to the fairgrounds there were mud puddles everywhere and the straw they laid down didn’t really help.  The weather was gorgeous and the sun was supposed to be out all day!  Standing in line to get in, I had a few looks: as if I were dressed silly. In fact, it was perfect!! Girls who had just flip flops on had the icky muddy feet and those with real shoes, were tip toeing and ewwing as they went from booth to booth. I, on the other had was just stomping and having a great time drinking my wine. 🙂 There were quite a few people who looked at me and said, “You had it right! I should’ve done the same thing” Darn straight I had it right! 🙂 Since then I have loved my wellies and wear them proudly!  And my feet appreciate me keeping them dry and mud-free.