Today’s Friday Favorites is a “NEW” Favorite!  I just got my new favorite in this week…. my new favorite tote bag!  Just recently, I won the Preppy Mafia Giveaway, which was a fun, cute, and preppy Socialite starter kit chock full of awesome things, including a signed copy of the Preppy Bible, Social Climbers. Thanks to Beth Dunn for hosting such an awesome giveaway (I’ll be posting on each of the items I won) One of the items was a Francesca Joy Palm Beach tote bag: the popular C. Love tote bag.  I can see why it’s been named so, because Vy loves the C. Love tote! πŸ™‚

The tote is a high quality canvas tote bag hand painted by artist and designer, Elise Francesca Fargnoli. That’s right- HAND PAINTED. She’s even signed the bag. As an artist myself, I can absolutely appreciate the piece of artwork that I can not only wear, but is also practical and useful.  I also love how it’s not just another plain tote.  In fact the other day, it was just dreary out and just carrying my tote felt like it brightened the day just a little (at least in my own little world).  I’ve already gotten complements on it.I use it for carrying everything, to and from work. When I make it back to the beach, it’ll be used for beach essentials: sunscreen, beach towel, a good social or chic lit!

A little about Elise Francesca Fargnoli (from her website):

Elise liked the idea of painting on the bag – as a tote bag is meant to be taken everywhere, and used well for years on end. Though the design is delicate and hand-painted with special textile paint, the bag isn’t meant to be treated like that – it is meant to follow the excitement and the changing patterns of your own life. This same concept came with the basic idea of the chemises and t-shirts – simple, everyday items with a sophisticated, hand-painted twist – meant to be worn any which way you desire.

 Not only does she have awesome totes like these…

…But she’s also got some cute wristlets! Get this: They’re named Holly Golightly!!! If not just for the wristlet itself, I LOVE the name! πŸ™‚  I think I am going to have to get one, or two!!!

And clothing as well..

I just think this chemise is just sooo cute!

Go visit Francesca Joy and maybe you’ll find your new favorite too!  If you have questions, they even have a 800 number to discuss style, color, and design options!!! This week they’re having a special sample sale ending this Sunday —all clothing items that you have seen in ads are $50.00! Follow her on Facebook to keep updated on sales and other special offers!  Tell her I sent ya!!!
Have a fabulous weekend!!! I’m heading to my wonderful cousin and MOH’s house for some fun family time.. and maybe to do some wedding stuff!