Susan, Brendon, Vy, Tommy

Happy Sunday!!! 
This weekend was a pretty fun filled weekend for Tommy and I.  Friday evening, we had dinner with our friends, Brendon and Susan (Susan is one of my Bridesmaids).  We had sushi at Konami in Tyson’s Corner. They are practically regulars there, everyone comes over to the table to say hi to them. They do sushi every Friday, it’s their little tradition.

YUM… Sushi!!! šŸ™‚

Saturday morning, we woke up and met them again to go downtown DC for the last weekend of the Cherry Blossom Festival and attended the Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival.  We got to catch a little bit of the parade and then we ventured around to the different vendors.  We bought a really neat Japanese woodblock print that we’ll frame and put in our formal dining room. 

Street food

By noon, we were starving and moseyed our way over to the  food vendors.  We found a vendor with Teriyaki Chicken and fried rice. The lines to all the food vendors were soooo long. We waited in line for what seemed like a half hour, but it was so worth it.  The food was delicious!!! 

After we had full bellies, we continued to walk through the festival and found the Kirin Beer Garden, which also served sake!  Tommy and Brendon were able to down a couple beers and a couple sakes. I’m not a fan of sake. We then walked from the festival over to the Jefferson Memorial and the Tidal Basin hoping to get some great shots of the Cherry Blossoms. To our disappointment, almost all of the Cherry Blossoms were gone. However, we did find a couple trees on our walk so we could take some pictures.  I think with the thunderstorm we’d just had and the early bloom, we missed the peak of the blossoms.  We made the most out of it and had a great time walking around.  We were so tired after over 6 hours of straight walking, we took a cab back to the metro station. I know it sounds lazy, but it was the best cab ride, I’ve taken in a while. We would’ve paid $50 for that short cab ride.
By the time we go home, we all had to take a power nap so that we could get together again to grill out for dinner.  All in all, it was a great time!

Before we found a couple trees with blooms, I took this picture thinking it was the last bloom we’d see.. I was wrong.

Brendon and Susan

Tommy and Me

View of the National Monument

A beautiful green and pink parasol from the festival
The Street Festival View (see the Capital in the background?)

One of the vendors making the dolls

Martial Arts demonstration
Quite a few people were dressed in Kimonos
We saw all kinds of people dressed up as anime characters

Me and a picture with the blossoms

Jefferson Memorial
A patch of Cherry Blossoms

Did anyone do anything fun this weekend?? See anything interesting?
Hope you all have a fabulous week!!!