With Spring in the air, I can only think of the beauty Mother Nature displays from the Cherry Blossoms blooming to the beautiful colored skies. I have always thought that sunrises and sunsets in the warmer months were much more beautiful than the winter months.  It could simply be that we’re actually out to enjoy the sunsets. My favorite thing about the warmer months are flowers!

There are so many flowers that bloom in the Spring and Summer, and I love them all! My most favorite flower is the orchid. I actually have a few orchid plants at home.  This morning when I was thinking about a Friday Favorite to write about, I saw my orchid blooming and thought, “That’s it!”. (Notice the pre-sunrise background)

This is my Orchid!

Most people think orchids are really hard to take care of, but it’s really not hard, and there are a ton of books out there that tell you how to take care of them.  I love them because they come in the most amazing colors and are tropical looking. The flowers bloom for quite a while. And they’re so many different varieties of orchids! I have 3 different varieties right now : Phalaenopsis, Oncidium, and Debdrobium.  For someone who’s interested in orchids, the easiest and most abundant orchid is the Phalaenopsis. I just water mine once a week or when the planting medium is dry. The biggest mistake that most new orchid owners make is to over water their orchids or let the plant sit in water. You can find out more about taking care of Orchids online at sites like About Orchids.

Since I am also working on planning my wedding, I’m planning on incorporating orchids in my wedding bouquet… after all, they are my favorite flowers!! 🙂









I LOVE this bouquet… so romantic!!

Cymbidium Orchids go so well with roses.

Hope that everyone has a great weekend!! We’re off to the Cherry Blossom Festival tomorrow for the last weekend in the festival.  The Cherry Blossom parade starts at 10am, and the Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival starts right after the parade at 11am. We’ll be there! I’m sure I’ll be taking pictures and will share later.

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