I have the best cousin and MOH ever!!! 🙂 Today I was surprised with something that I have searching for and have been unsuccessful in finding… Lilly Pulitzer Animal Crackers!!!

Krystal just knows me all too well. She found these at Harris Teeters and thought of me. I just love it! If only she could see how excited I was when Tommy brought them home to me! (She works with Tommy and gave them to him to bring them home to me). The suspense was killing me all day! I’m the worst about surprises. I squirm wondering what the surprise is. I even do a bit of a guessing game. “Is it this? Is it that???” Those closest to me know it too, and they totally do it on purpose! *Ahem Tommy, Krystal, and Momma B (my future mom-in-law).
Krystal’s got a pretty cool blog which you can find here. It’s usually about her musings as a mom and her adventures with baby Blake, her 1 year old, and other fun stories of family and friends.  She’s just starting out her blog, and doesn’t get to write everyday, but when she does, just grab your coffee and enjoy! She’s really funny, and a trip in person too. She’s a very thoughtful person and has a great heart!! That’s why she’s not only my cousin, but also one of my best friends. I just love her!!!
Thanks so much for my Lilly Pulitzer Animal Crackers, Krys!!!

Has anyone else been successful in finding these limited edition animal crackers??? If so tell me where!?!
Hope everyone is having a great week!!! It’s almost the weekend!!! 🙂