Ladies and Gentlemen…
One of my favorite events in Northern Virginia is right around the corner!!!

Steeple Chase

The Virginia Gold Cup Races are held every first weekend in May at the Great Meadow in The Plains, Virginia.  It’s an annual grand spring tradition that I’ve been doing for a while with the girls.  I’ve actually missed the past 2 years because I was traveling during both years.  This year is the 85th running of the steeplechase race and has been an event well attended by over 50,000 spectators since 1922. They’re various events such as Terrier races, tent and tailgate judging, and yes- a hat competition!!! 🙂
Race day is a ton of fun!  In the past, we made it a girl’s day out because our first outing to Gold Cup was for our girlfriend’s bachelorette party.  We had such a blast, that we decided to make it a tradition to do Gold Cup every year.  This year, I’m thinking we make it co-ed and have a blast!!! The more the merrier! Typical race day includes getting a whole bunch of folks together fairly early in the morning, having a few mimosas, packing our lunches and *ahem beverages for the day, and then caravaning over to the Great Meadow.   We set up “camp” which is basically a bunch of lawn chairs, tables, and blankets on the lawn.  Some people really go all out with tablecloths and vases of flowers on their table.  

It’s a race!!!!

View of the South Rail and Member’s Hill in background

We then proceed to enjoy the warm May sun and the company of friends… and making friends with fellow Gold Cup attendees. In fact, I had my first Mint Julep at Gold Cup! 🙂 We tend to venture around and meet new people.  They also have hospitality tents along the rail where various organizations and companies set up (these are typically catered with good food).  We’ve been know to be invited into a few of those tents.
I’m going to work with a few friends to see if we can plan another big outing.  This will be Tommy’s first time at Gold Cup- he’s really excited and is looking forward to rockin’ seersucker! I’m so proud of him and am totally in support. I’m thinking a limo to and from.  If anyone is in the area and is interested, let me know if you’re going to be there!
Dress code: Lilly Pulitzer, Sundresses, Big hats (I have a few), Seersucker, Khakis, ties, bow ties, blazers… pretty much anything you would imagine wearing to the Kentucky Derby (which by the way is one BIG event we’ve been talking about planning for a while) Don’t wear jeans.
Shoes: Flats or wedges since it’s all field (stilettos will just sink in), Sperrys
Bring: Coolers of food and beverages, sunscreen, Seating (lawn chairs, blankets), $$ for shopping at vendor tents
For more info click here: VA Gold Cup
I really can’t wait and am getting sooo excited! Time to find a dress for Gold Cup!!!
Has anyone been or plan on attending??? Email me if you are going!!!

Here are a few pictures from a couple of our past Gold Cup events:

That’s me under the hat in the yellow sundress

The horses and jockeys coming over to say hi

This is our little set up

I’m in the teal sundress
Alma and Erin sitting outside the tents