Good day!!! Yesterday was such a whirlwind of a day.  I’m still in shock. 
I came into my office yesterday morning, just like any other morning and was hit with a not-so-good surprise. All I can say is that I now report to someone else, and my boss who I enjoy working with is, on leave until further notice. 😦  Needless to say, my day was rocked.

Cathi and her DH- Mike

But the BEST thing about yesterday was that one of my besties, Cathi whom I haven’t seen in about 10 years, came up from Georgia and had dinner with Tommy and I last night.  This is the woman picked up everything for a 2 weeks and drove with me across the continent from Nevada to Virginia Beach when I was leaving a bad relationship. We had such fun stories to re-tell last night from the time we were in the middle of Wyoming about  48 miles from any exit with a gas station (we’d just past an exit with gas stations) and ran out of gas.  We had to call a tow truck and had them bring out 5 gallons of gas. 2 hours and $50 later, we were on our way again.  I don’t think we talked for the rest of the state.  We told Tommy stories of our need to buy lottery tickets in every state, hoping that we’d HAVE to win big, and about the Roach Coach hotel we stayed in. Ewwww.. Oh the experiences we had! We learned a lot about each other since we were stuck together in a car driving 3000 miles. We were already great friends, but the drive brought us even closer.
We were supposed to start our new lives together on the east coast in Virginia Beach, but after 2 weeks, she went back home to Nevada to be near her children. It was not a fun goodbye, but she had promised that she’d come back.  We kept in touch when we could. I moved several times and I was probably the harder one to keep in touch with.  Then along came Myspace and Facebook- we reconnected and starting talking on the phone again.  Modern technology can really be a great thing.
Not only did Cathi and I connect, she also found her high school sweetheart on Facebook and they also reconnected.  He was divorced in Atlanta, she was divorced in Arizona, they planned a meeting, and next thing I know, Cathi moved down to be with her love in Atlanta. They are now married, and moving even closer to the East Coast. By the end of April, they’ll be in either the Carolinas or Virginia. I’m just sooo excited we’ll be within driving distance of each other once again!!!
It’s these moments in life like time with friends and family that I truly cherish.  Time is priceless and true friendships should be held onto.  It’s so easy to get consumed with life’s daily grind, but harder to make time for some of life’s simple gestures.  I’m trying to work on making that phone call or send a card when I think of someone, whether it’s family, friends, or anyone I’m thinking of. On that note, I think I need to call my mom…
Have you called someone you love today???