Picture of New York New York Casino and Hotel

We’re back from Vegas, and had such a great time!!! We got in town pretty late on Wednesday night and checked into my timeshare.  Since we were famished, we took a ride down to the Las Vegas Strip to grab a bite to eat and I wanted to show Tommy the strip at night.  I always think the Las Vegas Strip at night is amazing!  All the lights make the strip as bright as daytime!

Thursday, we attended the 311 Day Concert.  5 hours long, 60 songs, and 3 intermissions.  It was a long concert, but a ton of fun!!! The vibe at the concert was so positive and people were all just having a great time!  We even met this really great newlywed couple who were giving us some awesome pointers for our wedding.  The groom was just soooo excited for us getting married. He and his wife reminisced about their wedding… it was awesome to see them still so utterly in love with each other! After the show we went back to the hotel and SLEPT- we were sooo exhausted!

The crowd going into the concert

Us at the concert

The next day, we were off to see more of the strip.  We definitely made sure to stop by Caesars Palace. The boys wanted to go in and ask the question made infamous by the movie “The Hangover”… “Does Caesar really live here??”  Thank goodness they forgot by the time we made it through the casino!

Tommy and JoJo in front of Caesars Palace

This is one of my favorite pictures.  I gave JoJo the camera to take a picture of Tommy and I. When I walked over to Tommy, he planted a kiss on me and JoJo snapped the shot, without us even knowing! Great job!
Later that night we went to see Cirque du Soleil’s “Ka”.  It was really amazing! This one had more of a storyline and was more theatrical.  It was more martial arts based. Since they don’t allow pictures, this was all that I got for a pictures…

Stage front

Side of stage… it was crazy the actors were all over the place!

After the show, we went to the boy’s bachelor suite at Planet Hollywood.  That was SWEET!! It had a pool table,  a few flat screens, some really mod furniture and artwork and the best part- an amazing view of the strip…

View from the boys’ suite

There was so much to do and see but so little time.  I did make sure Tommy got to see the Bellagio Water Fountains, see the sports book, and eat a buffet.
Enjoy the video!!!

XOXO- Vynuss