I just love sea Coral!  And for some reason, it seems like I’m seeing coral or coral themed items a lot more lately!  Could it be a sign reminding me that spring and summer are not too far away?  Oh, I can’t wait!  In fact, my dreams have even put me in the spring/summer mindset.  Last night, I dreamed that I was back in the OBX walking on the beach, collecting shells.  Then I told Tommy we had to go shopping so we went to Timbuck II to do some shopping at Greys, The Cotton Gin and Mystic Jewel. I bought some shell jewelry and then we went to the Waterfront Shops in Duck, NC so I could go to Life’s A Beach because I wanted to get a white Lilly Dress for our rehearsal dinner. Then I woke up and sighed realizing I wasn’t at the beach.  I can’t wait till the weather is warmer.  I can’t wait to go back to the beach- my happy place, my calm place. 🙂

I think the one I had in my dream was actually a cross between the Bowen Dress and the Tayrn dress… you know how dream images can shift on you…  I love the floral lace of the Bowen dress and I just adore the bow detail on the Tayrn dress.

So later I get to work and log into my computer, drink some coffee, and check some emails. One of the emails I received was a notification of things going on sale today on RueLaLa (I’ve mentioned RueLaLa in past blogs). Today, there’s a sale on Jaipur rugs… one of the rugs has coral!  I LOVE it!  It’s orange with what they call “tree branch” silhouettes. But my eyes tell me they look like coral! So, I’m going with coral. 

I think it could really be cute and brighten up a room.  I’m not normally an orange person, but this rug is just so beachy.  I think it would look good in a sea blue too.

Who else can’t wait for summer???  What are you looking forward to this spring or summer?

XOXO- Vynuss