“Lilly Pulitzer” PHOTO ALBUM at Lilly Pulitzer

Another wish list item!!! This Lilly Pulitzer photo album in Silver Dollar would be perfect for all the pictures that I take at the beach house in OBX.  As much as I love being there and as many pictures as I’ve taken there, it just seems there’s never enough pictures that I could possibly take that could capture the beauty of the ocean.  That, and I just LOVE taking pictures!  I have a little point and shoot that’s a few years old, but I still play with the settings to see how I can capture a better picture, or capture a beach moment.  Right now, all my pictures are digital, saved on my computer, only shown when I can turn on my computer and grasp someones attention long enough to see the pictures.
One day, I will take my digital albums and send them off to Costco or WalMart and get all my beach pictures printed!

Until then, I’ll share with you some of my pictures from the OBX…

Here is Tommy, Marley (our dog), and I on our first trip the OBX together.

Here is Keenan on a boogie board.

And Ethan.

Here are the dogs from left to right, Hurley, Marley, and Roxy.

Bunch of family in the water.

Tommy and my engagement day with Momma Barto and Dad Barto.

And an awesome picture of the dunes…

XOXO- Vynuss