It’s Wednesday! And it’s Wedding Planning Wednesday! Today was a much better day than yesterday.  Yesterday, I got into a car accident. Don’t worry it’s nothing to be worried about. It was just a little fender bender.  I was still a little shaken up.  No one likes accidents.  So in contrast to yesterday, I made it home safe and sound. But not only that, I had a HUGE package waiting for me at my front desk!  My Coral plates/bowls from Amelia Island Ritz Carlton came in today! I was soooo very excited!  These pictures are of the smaller of the 2 bowls.  I took a side view so you could see how the edges curl up from the base. 

The other picture I had taken at the store made it look like a flat plate.  Aren’t they just awesome!  I’m thinking about how I can use them as my centerpieces for the wedding.  My thoughts are glass vases in the middle with a candle in it, shell around the table, some starfish and sand dollars, maybe even some sea grass incorporated in it.  Depending on the vases, I’d like to add ribbon accents to add my colors to the arrangements.  I’ll have to do a test run later and play around with some of these ideas.

Also, I’m super super excited! Tomorrow after work and after class, I’m going to Paper Source in Reston, VA to take a class.  It’s their wedding suites event where I get to make my own coordinating wedding suite inspired by their designed wedding invitations, table tents and favors.  What makes it even more fun will be the wine and cheese that I’ll be able to sip and nibble on. 🙂  I’ll let you all know how it goes!  I love to do crafty stuff.  I already have an idea of how I’d like to do my invitations, but at least with this class, I can play around with my ideas as everything I might need will be right there at the store! And it won’t be so bad to do a little bit of shopping either…. (not that I don’t visit the store on a very regular basis)  It’s located right in the Town Center where I work, so when I need to get out for a walk or some fresh air, I always seem to find myself in Paper Source. 🙂

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XOXO- Vynuss