I must say this turning 30 has been such a great time!!! This past weekend, my wonderful fiance and his family threw me for a loop and surprised me with a Surprise Birthday Party – Mardi Gras style!  Wednesday was my actual birthday and Tommy, Momma B, and I went to dinner at Passion Fish in the Reston Town Center.  It was delish!!  Mom had come up for a few days for something and was going to stay through Saturday.  We had planned to go over to his Aunt Jen and Uncle Chris’ house in Chantilly for a birthday dinner for Diana (Tommy’s cousin)… or so I thought.  When I walked in the door, the entire family was there to say Surprise!! Happy Birthday!! I was shocked! I thought we were there for Diana’s party and they had the wrong person.  Found out that was just a cover. πŸ™‚ 
It was amazing… my future father in law, brothers in law and sister in law, aunts and uncles, and cousins… they drove up from Poquoson, Newport News, and Raleigh. Walking through the house I kept seeing more and more people, and when I realized that everyone was there for lil o’le me, I cried. I was just so happy.  The party was complete with masks, beads, gumbo and rice, wine, beers, presents, and of course – cake!  The best ingredient was the family and good cheer.  I love when families all get together and have a great time!  I wish we could do it more often.  
The food was amazing, Uncle Chris made gumbo, Aunt Lisa made potato salad, brother Kevin made some awesome wings, the cake was chocolate.  There was also some cake smearing too.  It started with the singing and blowing out of the candles. Mom wanted me to take a picture with the cake. (See picture)  What do you see above my head? Lots of hands ready to smash my face into the cake.  Thank goodness they didn’t! πŸ™‚ However, later on, I tried to practice the cake on the face with Tommy, but missed. So, my wonderful future brother, came behind me, bear hugged me, and gave Tommy a free shot at smearing frosting in my face.  But that’s not it, my favorite future cousin came over…and I thought she was going to help me clean my face.  Nooooo, she smeared the frosting to the other side of my face! πŸ™‚  Of course it was all in good fun, and we all got a great laugh out of it.  Afterall, I did start it.
I think this Mardi Gras theme birthday should be a new tradition!!! My birthday= family and friends get together with a Mardi Gras theme! What’s a more fun filled theme? Not to mention, Mardi Gras is always just around the same time as my birthday. πŸ™‚
Tommy’s family reminds me a lot of my family when we were younger.  As kids, all we had was our family. My cousins were my best friends and pseudo-siblings.  Everyone lived close by and we got together quite often… it seemed like just about every weekend we were at one of our aunt’s or uncle’s houses.  Now, some of my family has moved to other states (South Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Kansas) and it’s much harder for everyone to get together due to the costs of traveling, the distance, etc.  We still do our shindigs, but it’s less often, and planned much further in advance. So, seeing everyone get together for my birthday meant the world to me.  I’m so happy and excited to become a part of my fiance’s family.  I know both our families will be having the biggest get together… oh on about October 9, 2010.  πŸ™‚ I can’t wait!!!
XOXO- Vynuss “feeling lucky to have such great families”