Hey y’all!!!
I’m sooooo excited! Saturday after my trip to Florida, I went wedding gown and bridesmaids dress shopping with Krystal.  We went to the one place I knew I would go to first, Bobbie’s Bridal in Fairfax, VA.  I worked at Bobbie’s a few years ago for a number of years.  Bobbie became like a second or third mom to me.  Her daughter, Vinita, who also worked at the shop, became one of my best girlfriends.  In fact, she’s now one of my bridesmaids!!
So anyways, we went to Bobbie’s and picked out a couple gowns to try on, actually only 4.  I already had an idea as to what style I wanted, and working there for a few years, I knew exactly what I didn’t want.  Since I had Krystal and Vinita there to help, it made it so much easier to pick out a couple dresses.  I tried on all 4 dresses.  Vinita did to me what I’d done to many brides in the past, save the best for last.  The last one was “the one”.  I knew it when i put it on.  I had a feeling before I could see it based on Krystal’s face and her reaction to the gown before I even walked out the dressing room.  When I saw it, I knew.  It’s a little out of our proposed budget, but with a couple cut backs here and there, we’ll make this work.  I’d like to keep this gown a surprise, so I’m not posting it anywhere or giving any hints.  Everyone will have to wait until October 9, 2010. 🙂 Bobbie’s is truly a one stop shop.  For those of you reading this that are brides to be in the area, you should definitely go to Bobbie’s. She does Gowns, Bridesmaids, mothers, flower girls, grooms, gifts, shoes, purses, veils, tiaras, flowers for your hair, hats (for the 20’s look), and of course alterations!! Bobbie is really helpful and honest, that’s why she’s been around 24 years!
We were also successful in finding the bridesmaids dresses.  They are Alfred Angelo dresses and they’ll be in expresso.  Both Krystal and Vinita tried the dress on, and they’ve both agreed on the dress.  It’s awesome. I’m glad they can agree! 🙂 Makes it so much easier for me.  I’m not a bridezilla or very picky. I told them, they could pick out whatever they wanted, as long as they agreed, and it came in the colors I wanted.  Now, the dress they picked comes in one color only, we’ll just have to figure out how we can add the accent colors. Krystal’s idea was really great- to have shawls, since it’s an October wedding, and could be chilly.  She found some really awesome inexpensive ones online. 
Looks like the next thing to do is shop for flower girl dresses. My flower girls, Angelina and Keenan, are going to be great! They are both so girly! I konw they’ll really enjoy being flower girls! They both love pink… I’m thinking they might want to both be in pink!
Maybe something like these:
I like how they have little flowers on the waist which mimics the bridesmaids dresses.
We’ve already got the flower baskets, they are chocolate and ivory, so it’s right in the color scheme. It’s all starting to come together… It’s getting exciting.  I just can’t wait!!!
XOXO- Vynuss