Hi everyone…
I’ve just gotten back from a very short trip to Amelia Island, Florida! 🙂 

It was so nice to get out of DC for a couple days, escape the snow.  I had to go there for a day and a half of meetings with our company.  (I got to plan the whole thing!!) The highs were in the 50s on Thursday and by Friday, it was in the 60s.  It was warm enough for me to go to the beach and walk along the water with a 3/4 sleeve t-shirt.
What a short trip it was, I flew down on Thursday and flew back Friday night.  It was a really productive day work-wise and wedding wise too! I was in non stop meetings from noon- 5PM on Thursday.  Later that evening, I scheduled a dinner reservations at Salt.  Salt is one of just five AAA five-diamond restaurants in Florida.  It boasts over 30 different types of salt all over the world, some are hand infused at the restaurant!  I was able to try about 11 different salts!
 My favorite is the vanilla infused salt from Kona, Hawaii!  I actually added this to my creme brulee and it was really tasty.  It had a salty sweet and tart taste to it. The creme brulee had mango pieces and passion fruit sorbet on top. It was totally delish!!!
I ended up buying the vanilla Kona salt as well as a Black Garlic Mediterranean Salt.  I had so much salt at dinner (I love salt) that sometime during the night, around 3 AM, I woke up with the worst charlie horse cramp in my left calf.  It hurt so bad I was crying.  I should have countered all the salt with a lot of water.
The Ritz Carlton at Amelia Island was just a wonderful place!  As with any resort they have cute little boutiques and shops.  On my way to one of my meetings after dropping off my luggage in my room, I passed a boutique with ocean and sea inspired gifts.  No time to stop, I made note of it and decided to come check it out after my meetings.  What really caught my eye was the coral plate displayed in the window.   After my meetings, I ventured back to the store to find the awesome coral plate I’d eyed was no longer in the display window.  I was a heartbroken. I was too late. 😦  So, I walk around the store to see what souvenirs I can bring back.  In the case behind the register, I saw the plate I wanted.  In fact, it was part of  a set.  I ask about it, and find that they were on sale!  The large plate itself was $375.  The lady at the boutique told me that if i really wanted, she’d make me an amazing offer to take all 5 sets she had.  I couldn’t believe it! She made me an amazing offer I couldn’t refuse! So I bought 10 coral plates.  I’m going to use them them as part of my centerpieces at our wedding.  I’m probably going to use tall clear pillars, candles, shells, starfish, etc to create a really neat beachy centerpiece.
The beach at Amelia Island was pretty. I love seeing palm trees… we don’t get much of those up in Virginia. One of the joys of the beach for me, is collecting seashells.  I found such an abundance of shells on the beach.  Unfortunately, I only had about 15 minutes on the beach before I had to catch the bus to the airport.  But the first shell I laid my eyes on was this one:
I KID YOU NOT!  It was a heart shaped shell! I found it just as its shown in the picture!  It was so symbolic of my love of the ocean and the beach, I couldn’t believe it! (Of course, it’s now part of my shell collection!! ) I think we’re going to try to incorporate this picture in our wedding somehow, either as a background to something or part of our programs.  We’ll see. I think it’s just really beautiful!
All in all, it was a short, but good trip! I’d love to go back… for fun!
XOXO- Vynuss