It is definitely a WHITE OUT Wednesday.  We’re in the middle of a blizzard here in the Mid Atlantic.  Looking off my balcony all I see is white snow. It’s everywhere!  The wind has definitely reduced visibility. I read a report this morning that there were wind gusts of up to 60MPH! Just crazy! You can hear the wind howling!

Since I’m working from home, I’m getting a lot done.  I’m much more productive. I can do all my work related items and in between requests etc, I can also do some wedding planning and I just might do my taxes today too! πŸ™‚
Tommy and I were talking about what to do this weekend since it’s Valentine’s day weekend and Chinese New Year.  We’re actually going to be home this weekend.   We haven’t spent a weekend home in such a long time with all the traveling we’ve done. It will be nice.  So Saturday, we’re going to go do something all newly engaged couples love to do- register for gifts!  We’re going to do the standard Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond registries.  I believe every town now has either one of these stores, and if not, they’re also found online.  I’ve been told that registries are are good for things that you’d never buy for yourself, linens, China ware, or things a new couple would need to for their new home together.  Hummmm. Well, At least I know I’ll have fun pointing that scanner gun at some chinaware!  I’ve already found some styles I like: like the Kate Spade June Lane by Lennox.  I just love the little dragonfly motif, it’s one of my favorite icons.  Dragonflies remind me so much of spring/summer, and amazingly, I’m not afraid of them.  I think they’re good luck! My mom and dad would catch them for me when I was young. As an adult now, I love it when they’re flying back and forth near me. There’s also matching stemware!!!

You can never go wrong with Vera Wang. πŸ™‚  Here’s her Vera Lace dinnerware collection by Wedgwood. It’s very classic looking and was inspired by bridal gowns and lace.  Nobody does weddings like Vera does weddings. She’s the icon of what is wedding!!! πŸ˜‰  Vera wedding gown, Vera plates, Vera… haha Of course this is what I like, we’ll have to see what Tommy actually likes too.

I’ve also been shopping around for toasting flutes and cake cutters.  I guess it’ll depend on what Tommy likes for our chinaware because some of the sets actually have matching stemware and serving ware. At least once we pick a style out, I can go ahead and get our toasting flutes and the knife and cake cutter for our wedding day.  That’ll be another thing to mark off the list of things to do for the wedding.
With only 8 months away, its starting to seem like there’s so much to do still, even though I’ve done a lot already like book my DJ, photographer, venue, and cake.  I’ve still got to get the save the dates out… which I might actually start working on shortly.  It’s going to be designed by me and I have it all in my head already… I just need to get it designed and on paper. Being snowed in should help motivate me to do it!!! Well, I’m off to be more productive today.

Hope all my friends and family in the Mid Atlantic and North are doing well and are staying safe with this crazy weather.  My sister, brother, and mom in Northern Illinois is alright from the 3.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred this morning just before 4AM as well.  They just said the house shook, but nothing too crazy. Hopefully there aren’t any major aftershocks.

XOXO- Vynuss