It’s a white out of a night! The snow is coming down here in NoVa. We’re expected to get another 10-20 inches.  The snow started coming down again today around 4PM and isn’t supposed to stop until tomorrow night sometime.  From my apartment, looking out, I can see very few cars on the road and visibility out is low.
All I can do is try and think Spring will be here soon!!! Maybe if I click my stilettos and chant “Spring come quickly, Spring come quickly, Spring come quickly” it just might come quicker! 🙂
So speaking of white, I decided to take some time to check out some wedding dresses.  I won’t put up the one I REALLY like because I can’t risk having the beloved fiance catching eye of it! 🙂  As much as I wanted white growing up, I’ve decided that pure white would be too stark, and I’d like to go with an off-white/ivory gown. It will also go well with my colors: chocolate, Tiffany blue, and pink. Spending some time working in a bridal shop, I’ve gotten a lot of time to look at and on more than just an occasion or two…try on gowns! It was one of my favorite things to do.  On more than one occasion, I felt like that “Friends” episode when the girls just tried on wedding gowns because they wanted to.
My ideal gown is more of princess gown. Full skirt, very girly, lots of fabric.  I love Carrie’s almost wedding gown in the Sex and City movie!  The Vivienne Westwood gown is to die for! The beautiful folds of the ivory silk satin and draping of the taffeta skirt… It was just very romantic. I love fabric with texture and depth.

“You don’t alter Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera!”-Bride WarsVera Wang is another to die for gown designer.  Oh, if only i could afford Vera… Here’s another gown I’d like. It’s from Vera’s Spring 2010 collection. From the website “This dress is from the runway and may not be available to purchase.” Go figure. Maybe Vera would just give me a gown. Ha, in my dreams. LOL

The good thing about wedding gowns is that there are so many designers, and a lot of them will come up with similar designs.  So as much as I love the Vivienne or Vera and would die to have either, there are designers with similar styles. Like this one by Mary’s : It’s somewhat similar to Vera’s in the soft organza skirt and the sweetheart neckline.  It’s definitely not just like the Vera, but you have some similarities to give the same feel.

It will just be a matter of trying on gowns and seeing what will look the best on me. I’m scheduled to go gown shopping on February 20th with my MOH and one of my BMs, and maybe my FMIL.  It should be a good time. I’m very excited, and can’t wait!!  This reminds me… I definitely need to get my butt in gear and tone up so I can look like a princess on my wedding day… 8 months to the day away!!!

And to add a little music to go with my wedding gown shopping….