I hope that everyone is having a pretty good start to their week.  It looks like I’m working from home for the majority of this week due to all the snow that has descended in DC!! 2 feet plus already and another 10-20″ expected starting tomorrow through Wednesday night.  Tommy and I were lucky to make it home today, so we wouldn’t be driving in the snowstorm.  Thank goodness!  Now, to wait till the 3rd major snowstorm in our area… Will it ever stop???

Anyhow, think happy thoughts, think tropics….I know I shouldn’t be eating these, but they were just too tempting to pass up… COCONUT M&Ms!!!
Tommy, Danny, and I went to Blockbuster to rent movies the other night, and I saw the new white package of M&M’s.  The different package caught my eye, then the palm tree, then when the words “Coconut” caught my eye, and I was SOLD!  I love coconut, and I love chocolate…I thought, why pass this up? It was only in a small bag (1.5oz) so, it wouldn’t really put any damage to my diet. Plus it’s a limited edition!

I popped the first M&M in my mouth, and boy, was I in for a surprise! They were tasty! 🙂 I could smell the coconut just before it hit my tongue.  I love the mix of chocolate and coconut, not too coconut-y and just what you’d expect of M&Ms  Some of the M&Ms were imprinted with hibiscus flowers, coconut drinks, and umbrellas.  It was a nice little taste of the tropics in this winter wonderland that has covered the mid-Atlantic.  I just hope I can find more!!! Or maybe M&Ms will make it a permanent addition to their M&M Collection! 🙂  Let me know if you guys find any and what you think.
XOXO- Vynuss