Personas for Firefox | Beach Bum
Good Morning! It’s still flurrying here and it looks like a WHITEOUT.  I can’t see too far out off my balcony.  So I’ve decided to work from home this morning and possibly all day!  This morning while I was updating my work computer with all the stuff I can’t access and download from work like MSN messenger and X-marks for Mozilla Firefox, I stumbled across Personas for Firefox.  It’s just a little add on to dress up your browser with a design/image/theme.  I’ve already got the Lilly desktop background, so why not dress up my browser with Lilly too???  For my desktop background which I got from , I went with Dirty Shirley wallpaper. I just love the starfish, coral, and the sea anemone… AND IT’S PINK! And for my browser, I went with Beach Bum.  I just love all the beach/ocean inspired themes!!! After all, I am a beach girl at heart… even though I live in Northern VA. I can’t wait for spring/summer to come!!! C’mon beach weather~~~

Why not dress up your computer? Enjoy!!!
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XOXO- Vynuss