Hope that everyone is having a great week so far! I’m having a pretty good week.  It started snowing again today. We’re currently under a Winter Storm Watch. We got some snow on Saturday about a few inches.. which hasn’t melted yet.  Tonight, into tomorrow morning, we’re supposed to get another 3-6 more inches.   I love the snow, but this is getting to be much.  My car doesn’t handle well in the snow either.  Oh well, looks like I’ll be working from home tomorrow.

Yesterday Tommy brought home a lil gift for me. We’ve been both wanting to get back in shape and have had our eyes on the kettlebell. It’s supposed to be a great work out using weights that look like a weighted ball suspended just below a handle. It’s all one unit, and comes in various sizes ranging from $15-$170!  There’s tons of workout routines you can find online as well as in magazines. I think I first saw the kettlebell in Shape magazine or Self.  Well, instead of a full kettlebell, Tommy got me the Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit.  It’s kind of like a mini kettlebell (only 4 lbs) with a couple DVDs led by instructor Michelle Khai.  She’s supposed to be a former dancer and a celebrity trainer. She works with ballet dancers and has created this “kbell” training to help tone and sculpt.

I put in DVD 1, the beginner’s DVD to learn the techniques.  (This is AFTER doing 30 mins of cardio training)  Techniques were pretty easy to learn and do. So I decide to continue on with the “Flow motion basics” session.  I was sweating… ALOT!  Initially, I was thinking… “4 lbs weight, that’s sooo girly”.  Well 4 lbs of weight swinging and lifting and pushing combined with squats and lunges (ooh how I hate both) for 30 minutes can start to feel very heavy.  I definitely got a work out, and it was a nice change of a workout routine. Today, I was definitely sore all over, and it felt great! I really liked the fluidity of the motions and the weight added didn’t make it feel so much like a aerobics routine.  I felt like I was really doing something and it did, because I can sure feel the burn! 🙂  Looks like I’m going to be trying out the cardio DVD tomorrow! 🙂