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One week ago, Hatians experienced a devistating disaster.   Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave somewhere with no interaction with people, the world wide web, radio, or television, you should have seen the news on this earthquake.  I find myself watching news report after news report of the relief efforts.  Stories of survival and stories of death.  I sit glued to the television with tears in my eyes for those who have suffered pain, fractures, broken bones, cuts, etc for 6+ days without food and water under tons of rubble.  And then I think about the hours I might go without food and feel like I’m starving. Definitley puts things into perspective.  I just watched a report about the many survivors who have compound factures or various injuries and wounds that now after 6 days have become infected.  They now have to have amputations.  Can you imagine??? There was a little girl only about 5 who needed her leg amputated.  Her mom cried in pain that her baby has to have her leg amputated.  Many, man, Hatians will have to have amputations… that is IF they can get the surgery in time, otherwise they’ll die from the infection.

What can you or I do?  Well, there are many ways that regular people like us are helping. You don’t have to be a famous person like Wyclef or Bill Clinton to help. You don’t have to donate a fortune. Any little bit helps.
The Red Cross is accepting donations.  You can text “HAITI” to 90999 to dontate $10 to the Red Cross to help aid in the Relief efforts. The $10 will be added to you mobile phone bill.  As of a few hours ago today, Red Cross text donations passed $21 million… CNN
Also starting today, at participating Starbucks stores in the U.S. and Canada, customers will be able to make donations, with no purchase necessary, to benefit the Red Cross Haitian Relief efforts. The Starbucks Foundation will join your support by donating $1 million U.S. to the American Red Cross.
You can donate to Habitat for Humanity.  Many Hatians lost their homes, they’re going to need new homes built… Dontate online or call 1-800-HABITAT.
Doctors Without Borders are accepting donations to ensure that their medical teams can react to the Haiti disaster and other humanitarian crises all over the world. Your donation via their website will be noted as going to the Emergency Relief Fund.

There are a bunch of other ways to help.  Just make sure you research it’s with a reputable charity/ company.  Many times scammers will take situations like these and human goodwill and take advantage of people so they can profit.

Help Haiti. Help Humanity. Do something good. Do what YOU can do today.