I just love it when people feel the music and start to dance.  The other night, the boys and I went out to a bar to hang out and have a few drinks.  The DJ hadn’t started spinning yet, and there was an odd character pacing the floor.  He was literally pacing circles around the empty dance floor.  We were somewhat concerned.  He looked a little sketchy. We weren’t sure what he was doing. 
Then it happened. The music started to go, the bass was pumping… and the guy started two stepping and bobbing his head. He was waiting for the music to start! This went on for a song or two, then he started to get a lil fancier with the feet and hands…  It was great.  He was feeling the music.  The bar started to get more and more crowded and still he was the only one on the dance floor. A couple times you could see a hot chick come and talk to him, probably to congratulate him for doing what he loves.  After they’d finish talking to him he’d go back to his dance  moves.  There were even people laughing, or trying not to laugh.  He reminded me of the guy from the movie, Hangover.  When he goes, “Are you guys ready to let the dogs out? You know like who let the dogs out? whooo?? whoooo??”
It was hilarious, yet you’ve got to give a guy credit for doing what he loves.