Anyone ever have Pho? It’s pronounced “Fuh” .  It’s tasty.  It’s my comfort food.  It’s a Vietnamese staple dish. It’s just a very aromatic beef noodle soup using various spices included star anise, cinnamon, coriander,  cloves, cardamom, and ginger.  You then garnish the dish with various herbs such as Thai Basil, mints, cilantro, and green onions..  Most people eat it with bean sprouts… I despise bean sprouts.. I won’t touch them.  Then you also add a sweet sauce called hoisin sauce and a spicy sauce called siracha. In areas like Northern Virginia, where I live currently, you can find Pho restaurants that range from “cafeteria style” to full restaurant style.  They are like 7Elevens; you can find them on just about every block.
Today, I made a nice big pot of Pho. It was amazing.  I made it today because Tommy’s Brother, Kevin, and his friend came up from Poquoson today; and I know Kevin loves Pho.  In fact I promised him I’d make him some Pho.  It’s so much more fun making it at home and eating with family and friends. The worst part for Tommy is that he smells the Pho cooking all day, and it makes him so very hungry.  The picture below from left to right is Joel, Kevin, and Tommy. (Joel struggled with the chopsticks a bit, but despite that his bowl was eventually empty! )
Now, we’ve all got pho-‘d coma.  🙂