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Well, it’s official!!! Tommy has proposed to me! It’s such a wonderful feeling! I’m on cloud 9!  He completely surprised me!!!  The first question I’ve been getting is: “So, how’d he do it!?” 
How’d it happen was… Tommy and I were on our way down to the beach house at the Outer Banks for the long Columbus day weekend and had to stop at his parent’s house to pick up the surfboards and other items.  Tommy had to pee soooo bad he ran into the house.  I came in and sat at the kitchen counter and at the end of the counter I spotted a barrel of monkeys and was so excited! “Ooooh Barrel of Monkeys! I haven’t played with them in forever!!” Tommy comes out of the bathroom and I ask him if he wants to play.  Tommy says “Sure, you go first.”  I pull the first monkey out and the next monkey is attatched and the next one is attached to that one… I thought how wierd that they are connected??? Tommy tells me to keep pulling them, so I do. Well as I pull out the last monkey, I see a little glimmer on its arm… It was the ring! Tommy took the ring and proposed and I said yes! It was wonderful and just perfect!!! It was all surreal 🙂 He’s the love of my life! I’m so happy and excited to love him for the rest of my life!!
Oh next question: what’s it look like? BEAUTIFUL!!! 51 diamonds total! 1 round center stone set with 4 stones on either side (2 each) 1 on the top and 1 on the bottom side of the ring, there are 22 on each side on the split shank. It’s a custom made ring… no one has a ring like it at all?!?! DON’T TRY AND COPY IT!!!!  🙂 All I have to say is… beautiful!
So much to do until wedding day!!! 🙂