So today is one week since I’ve started Weight Watchers!  I felt like i failed horribly this week.  You see, with WW, you are on a point system.  You are only alloted so many points a day and then you have bonus points for the week that you can spread out through the week or use all in one day.  I like the WW plan because it makes you more aware of the foods you eat.  I think so far it’s helped me.  Ok, maybe I’m a little crazy with it… looking up how many points this item is and how many points that item is.  I’ve even installed the WW iPhone app so I can check anything at anytime!  The only problem I have is portion sizes and restaurant eating.  There are a lot of restaurants that don’t have their nutritional info posted!!!
So Tuesday night, Tommy and I was running around after work and needed to get something to eat, so we decide we’re going to go to Olive Garden.  We had good intentions to go and eat healthily. The neverending salad!!! YUM! What about the neverending soup and salad? I’ll admit that I was going to go and eat just the soup and salad, but then I saw the Pork Milanese! YUM YUM! I was only able to eat half of it… well, I stopped myself from eating ALL of it… and it’s a good thing I did!!! The next morning when I got to a computer and pulled up Olive Garden’s nutritonal information, my dinner was TERRIBLE for me! Just the salad for 1 serving was already 9 points! My beloved Pork Milanese was 1510 calories, 87 g fat, and 11 g fiber. šŸ˜¦ NOT GOOD. Just my dinner and salad was my entire points for the day! But of course that’s not all I ate for the day, so my points were basically shot for the week. šŸ˜¦
Today was weigh in day. A little nervous. Scared that I had gained weight instead of losing weight on my first week.  I take off my shoes, take off my extra sweater, take off my office badge, and even contemplated taking off all my jewelry (Hey, anything helps, right?). I step on the scale.  The lady behind the counter asks how my first week went, and I tell her, “Okay, but I think I did pretty bad with an Olive Garden night”.  Then she says “Yeah, it’s always hard when you go out to eat… Well, GOOD JOB!! You lost 2.2 lbs this week!”. “I’m sorry, what?” I couldn’t believe it.  So then I thought back to my week of eating, my first week on Weight Watchers… I guess I really didn’t do too bad.  This WW plan is making me more aware of what I am putting into my body, and more conscious of checking the nutrition of everything, everywhere.  Now on to week 2!!! šŸ™‚