So I’ve been waiting to post my next blog because I’ve misplaced my camera cord
to upload pictures. However, this morning, I remembered I had pictures of the cakes on my iPhone. 🙂
This past Sunday, I attended little baby Blake’s first birthday party. I can’t believe it’s already been one year. I can still remember the day my cousin Angie and I drove up to Maryland to the hospital in hopes of seeing the new baby!!! The anticipation was killing us. We got out of the car and were almost at full running speed! Angie then called out “hey! I get to hold baby first since I’m the eldest!” Oh touchĂ© dear cousin! That was always the rules in our family- Whatever the elders say. And of all the cousins, Angie was second in line next to her older sister, Alice (who so happens to be the grandmother of baby Blake). When we finally got to hold baby, all we could do is just stare at him and coo and awww! He was so tiny! His fingers and toes so miniture! And being a newborn, all he wanted to do is sleep, we just wanted to see his eyes! He was just precious!!! I’ll admit, I did have baby fever. Haha. And momma Krystal and daddy Blake were doing so well, we were there to witness the first diaper change! They did sooo well!
Flash forward a year… Baby Blake is walking, talking, minature version of mom and dad! He’s still just as precious as his first day into the world, except with a lot of personality! He loves sweets (takes after his mom) and is a very happy baby… Laughing and smiling almost non-stop! Krystal and Blake are very lucky to have such an easy going baby.
So we had his first birthday party, and I was in charge of the cakes. I made 2 cakes, one for baby and one for everyone else. What’s a one year old’s birthday without their own cake? Both cakes were marble yellow and devil foods with a strawberry filling between the layers. The difference was baby’s was covered in buttercream frosting, while the other cake in fondant. (I wanted to make sure baby got messy!!! Muhahhahaha) the theme was Ravens because it was football Sunday and mom n dad have shared their love of the Baltimore Ravens with baby.
The cakes were a hit! And baby just about finished half of his cake! I only have the “before” pictures on my phone. I’ll upload the “after” pictures when I get my camera cord later his weekend.