So here I am the beginning of October, finally trying to start my blog. What I’ll write about? I don’t know. Maybe a little about everything… whatever is on my mind. So right now, on my mind- Yesterday I started the Weight Watchers program. It all started when first thing yesterday morning, I begrudgingly got out of bed, brushed my teeth, and started the process to get ready for work. Tommy took Marley, the dog, out. When he comes in, I ask how the weather is outside, (even though I have a weather station and can get that information). He says it’s a lil chilly, so I think hmmmm, I should wear pants today. I got to my closet and pick out a nice pair of black slacks… one of my favorite pairs. I slipped them on to find that I have to now shimmy my way into my pants. I get them on, button them, and voila! Black pants on, albeit a lil tight. So I go to the mirror to see how bad the damage is… It was pretty bad… I actually had muffin-top!!! Noooooooooo. So then I thought I got them on, I’m not taking them off! However I would NEVER be caught dead in public with muffin top! So I looked for a comfy, yet somewhat dressy shirt to wear over my MT. I ask Tommy, can he see my muffin-top and he says, “you don’t have muffin-top”. Ha, that’s what you think! I lift my shirt for him to see… (I can’t believe how comfortable I am with him to do that), and his reaction confirmed my muffin-top. It really wasn’t all in my mind. I have muffin-top. 😦 He didn’t have to say anything, and he was not a jerk at all, I just knew. Tommy’s actually very sweet!! In fact, he tells me everyday, how beautiful I am.
Disgusted, I pack a gym bag, determined to go to the gym sometime today, whether it be during lunch, or when during downtime at work, or even after work… I was going! I get to work, and my cousin Krystal tells me she’s thinking about WW. I’ve always been hesitant on doing it because I know what to do, just didn’t want to pay. But she talked me into it since they are running a BOGO sale right now. I figured why not? So we signed up. Promised to go each week and weigh in. I just hope this keeps me motivated. I left work and went to the gym (Gold’s Gym in Tysons) and did cardio for an hour! Felt great! I would go to the one by my house, but my ex (throwing up in my mouth) goes there and always tries to talk to me… hummmm maybe that’s why i stopped going to the gym overall- to avoid him.
Most people wait till New Year’s to make a resolution. I’m making mine on October 1st. I’m going to do the WW thing and see where it takes me, I’m going to go to the gym at least 3 times a week, and I’m going to eat healthy, and fit into my favorite black slacks again!!!
Wish me luck!